//Your December Tree Tips

Your December Tree Tips

Now is not only the time to put your christmas tree up but it is also time to prepare your outdoor trees for winter.  Below are a few “to do’s” for December:

For tender deciduous trees and shrubs, pack the branches with straw or bracken, and securing this with fleece and ties, will protect them this winter from frost.

Check previous tree ties and stakes. If needed replace, tighten, or remove as needed.

Remove weeds from around the bases of young trees.

If your trees are too large for you to manage the pruning alone, then ycall us for a free estimate. Otherwise take care not to damage the tree when sawing off thicker branches.

Maintenance helps greatly in the prevention of disease carry-over from one year to the next. Rake up and burn, bury, or throw away leaves in the event they may be infected.  Holly leaf blight is still uncommon, but can be spread in wet weather.

Small “critters” can be a nuisance as the weather gets colder, gnawing the bark from shrubs and trees. Guards around new woody plants are advisable.

Roses and their surrounding soil can be sprayed with winter washes to help keep black spot under control.

Just remember-Be Safe!  

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