//What to do if a tree falls on your house during a storm!

What to do if a tree falls on your house during a storm!

  • Make Sure everyone is OK!  If you feel the property is unsafe find the safest route and leave the property.  
  • Call the emergency services like the police and/or fire department. Have them check for live wires around the property and make sure that no fire is imminent. They will cut off electricity to the house if needed.  
  • Call a tree service to schedule removal of the tree as soon as possible. If you receive their voicemail explain this is an emergency so they will be able to prioritize their calls. The staff monitors messages so you should get a return call in a reasonable time. Try to find a tree service company that owns a crane so that they will be able to handle whatever your needs are.    
  • Call the insurance company. Have your policy and policy number available. If you are asked to leave a message don’t panic.  They will contact you shortly and an adjuster will be in touch with you to make an appointment.  Make sure to ask specifics about what your policy covers regarding removal and emergency repair.
  • Take photos as soon as possible after the damage from every angle, up close and from a distance. Do not wait until the tree company or contractors are already removing debris. Take photos of the outside and any damage inside the house keeping safety in the forefront always. Make sure to have your pictures ready to show or email the insurance company when they are requested to speed up your claim.
  • In the event you are unable to live in your home, when it’s safe, gather enough clothing and belongings.  Additionally make sure the property is waterproof so there is no additional damage to the home or your processions.   


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  • If the electricity is out, make sure to unplug or turn off everything electrical that is in your home such as computers, lights and televisions so they won’t come on suddenly when it’s restored.
  • When a storm hits tree companies will be in high demand. Make sure to call as quickly as possible.
  • Before you assume all tree clean up is your responsibility.Make sure that it isn’t on the city’s property near the street.Your municipality may be responsible for costs to remove it. 
  • Always maintain your trees so there are fewer opportunities given for them to damage your property.
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