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When lost, it is possible to use trees to assist you in navigation.  In northern temperature climates, moss will grow on the northern side of the tree trunk, where it is shadier.  Failing that, if you find a tree that has been cut down you can observe the rings of the tree to discover which direction north is.  In the northern hemisphere, the rings of growth in a tree trunk are slightly thicker on the southern side.

You might have read previous blogs we have done stating that trees are the longest living organisms on the planet but they are also one of the greatest natural resources.  Now you are probably thinking this is strange talk coming from a tree service that cuts down trees.  Ryan Tree Service realizes the value of all trees however we also realize that improper planting, lightning and many other elements can cause the need for tree removal.  That is why we strive to recycle 100%.  Call us today at 770-458-0957 or send us an estimate request at

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