//Top 3 Things We Do To Hurt Our Trees

Top 3 Things We Do To Hurt Our Trees

There are many country songs we all love that sing of bad relationships being better than no relationship.  Well, in the tree world, that just won’t cut it.   Well actually, it will cut it, the tree that is.  Bad relationships with your tree can cause them to topple right on top of your house if you are not careful.  So read on and make sure your tree care doesn’t have you singing the honkey tonk blues!!

1.  Topping Trees – Just don’t do it!   This is seen a lot in the pruning of crepe myrtles. 
This actually starves the tree and almost anyone who knows anything about trees will tell you this is the #1 no no of all times.  You should never remove more then 1/3 of the crown of any tree.  The tree will go into shock eventually and at some point will not be able to continue to produce new shoots.  This also leaves the tree open to insects and disease as they may have difficulty sealing and thus leaving your tree open to invasion.

2.  Gouging Trees – We have all done it.  Using a weed eater is a great time saving method
of trimming around our trees.  However continuously gouging our trees can cause severe damage and result in the death of a tree.  The tree bark is like skin.  When you open the bark up it opens the tree up to infection and disease can easily set in.  Some people will even say that weed eaters and lawnmowers might just be the #1 killer of trees.

3.  Never Pruning – The safety of your home and family are always on your mind but not
pruning your trees can actually put both at risk.  A dead branch can fall not only during cold weather and storms but also at anytime.  Thus endangering people and buildings around the tree.  Keeping an eye on not only your trees but also your neighbors trees that are nearby your home can prevent costly damages and possible injury.  Ryan Tree Service gives free estimates and evaluations and we encourage people to always call us for professional advice before a tree falls as we have seen the worst affects of never pruning. 


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