//The Chemis-tree behind pruning

The Chemis-tree behind pruning

Ryan Tree Service knows the chemis-tree behind making our clients happy! This is the season to Prune and there is actually a science behind pruning. Researcher Professor Prezemyslaw Prusinkiewicz of the University of Calgary in Canada along with scientist from Britain and Sweden have researched and concluded that by cutting the main branch of a tree will lead to its better development. Professor Prusinkiewicz said to think of it like a major road crowded with traffic. The stem is like the crowded main road. Without pruning the stems cannot export the auxin into that main stem because it is too full. However by pruning that main shoot the buds can develop faster and stronger. Since the 1930’s many in the horticultural community have known about the pruning benefits and processes. However not until recently have we learned that plant hormone, strogolactone, works at least in part by making it harder to establish new auxin transport pathways from shoot tips, strengthening the competition between auxin sources and reducing branching. If trees are left unpruned then no extra hormones are created that are worthy competition for the main branch, therefore stunting the growth and health of the tree. So what does this all mean? You gotta prune! Call us today at 770-458-0957 to schedule a free assesment.

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