//Is Your Tree Sick or Is It Dead?

Is Your Tree Sick or Is It Dead?

We all want healthy strong trees but there are many things that work to the opposite.

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1.  Extreme weather temperatures
2.  Wind and Storms
3.  Disease
4.  Insects

How can I tell if my tree is healthy

1.  Full Crown
2.  One Central Leader
3.  No Bare Branches
4. No Dead Or Broken Branches
5.  No Loose or Peeling Bark ( With the exception of some species IE: Birches, Maple and Eucalyptus.)
6.  No Wilting
7.  No Evidence of Disease & Insects

Insects & Disease Signs

1.  Insects Visible on Tree
2.  Lack of Fruit or Flowers Distortions in Leaf Size
3.  Color or Shape
4.  Growths on Branches
5.  Oozing Sap
6.  Slowing in Growth Rate
7.  Wilting
8.  Holes in Bark, Branches or Leaves

Check your trees for the following:

  • Dead wood: Dead wood looks dry and lifeless and breaks very easily. Because it’s brittle and can’t bend in the wind like a healthy branch, it’s likely to break. For this reason, dead branches, also called widow makers, need to be removed immediately because they’re very dangerous.
  • Cracks and cankers: Cracks are deep splits through the bark, and they usually indicate that a tree is failing. Cankers are holes where the bark is missing; they increase the chance of a stem breaking near the canker.
  • Weak branch unions: Weak branch unions are areas where branches aren’t securely attached to the tree. This happens when two branches grow closely together and bark grows between them. The bark isn’t as strong as wood, and it weakens the union of the branches.
  • Decay: Trees usually decay from the inside out, so it can be tough to notice initially. Fungi, like mushrooms, are good indicators, as is soft or crumbly wood.
  • Poor tree architecture: Poor tree architecture means an uneven growth pattern, indicated by lopsided or leans in a particular direction. This is usually caused by years of damage from storms or improper pruning.

Call Ryan Tree Service immediately at 770-458-0957 if you suspect you have a sick or dying tree.  We also can come out and give a free evaluation of your trees!

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