Workers compensation is a very Important factor when it comes to services provided to you as a homeowner.

By law, tree services are required to carry workers compensation. Things you may not know – there are loop holes (ways around) in paying the cost that is required to have workers compensation. One type is a sub-contractors workers comp, which basically says in the policy (that you never see) is that if someone gets hurt working on your property, that they will pay your homeowners insurance deductable and claim it on your policy. Employee workers compensation means the company will pay their own deductable and claim it on their insurance. Most companies will provide you with a copy of their workers compensation policy when the estimate is completed. You, as a homeowner, need to call the insurance company and ask how many people are covered under the policy. Some companies, who cut corners to get a legit looking copy of workers comp, will only cover the owner (1 person). Most tree removal jobs require more than 1 person to remove the tree from your property. We, at Ryan Tree Service, carry an employee workers compensation policy for all of our 20+ full time employees. Our high standard of safety for over 20 years, has earned us one of the lowest workers comprates in the southeast. Safety, on top of proper coverage, insures that your homeowners insurance will never be involved or held liable for any injury, if ever occurred on your property.