//Football, Halloween and Trees?

Football, Halloween and Trees?

For us at Ryan Tree Service it is not all about cutting down or pruning trees.  It is also about education.

Many of our clients have asked us when is the best time to plant a tree.  Fall is one of the best times to plant trees in our area, however it isn’t the only time.  The reason we suggest fall because the weather is warm enough to have the tree roots engage in growth but also because of the cooler weather the plant is dormant and not pulling from the growth of the roots.  This allows the roots to become stronger and healthier so when it is time for the trees foliage to unfurl the roots are better able to access water.

Tips for Planting:

  • Back in the day many people were told to dig a deep hole but many experts now know that tree roots grow above 18” of the soil.  So make sure you when digging your hole for tree placement dig a wide shallow hole just a bit deeper then the tree ball. 
  • If the tree comes with burlap make sure to open it but leave it on the bottom of the tree. (Balled and burlapped trees are best to plant in fall.)
  • Some researchers and universities suggest filling the hole back with the same material that was dug from the ground originally. 
  • Always surround your newly planted tree with some type of mulch, a minimum of 2”.  Bark or pine straw work best.
  • Water your tree thoroughly after planting.  This ensures your tree isn’t thirsty and there are no pockets of air in the newly dug hole.
  • Do not plant larger trees in the fall.  They have more likelihood of stress and should be done in the spring and usually by a professional to help guarantee you do not risk lose of tree and money.

Trees not to plant in the fall:

Beware; it is hard to fight the urge of buying something on sale.  Just like food goes on clearance when it is about to expire.  Many vendors push plants by putting them on clearance after the appropriate time to plant. 

As suggested by some stay clear of the following trees during your fall planting:

Magnolia, dogwood, tulip tree, sweet gum, red maple, birch, hawthorn, poplars, cherries, plum.

Some varieties of Oak are also best not to plant in the fall.  As always we are in the south so make sure to get your soil tested and purchase trees that grow best in our zone.

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