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Emergency Services

A tree falling on your house can be catastrophic and or deadly, so first of all, be thankful you’re alive to read this! There are several steps you can take to keep this from becoming more of a head-ache than it already is.

First – contact your insurance company and let them know the situation and possibly get a claim number. The insurance company will want the tree removed from the structure immediately, so other steps can be taken to prevent water damage. We handle a lot of storm damage and we are familiar with adjustors and procedures.

Second – call Ryan Tree Service – we can dispatch our 24 hour specialists to come out and assess the situation to see what equipment will be necessary to remove the tree from your home. We also can refer you to contractors that can help repair any damage to your home.

Third – Rest assured that the tree removal part of the problem is taken care of. We own our own crane so our response time can be 2 times faster on the removal of the tree. We are able to work with your insurance company to settle payment with them. Our pricing is fair and varies depending on the circumstances..