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RYAN TREE SERVICE, INC. owns and operates a 35-ton Grove crane which assists in low-impact tree removal as well as removing fallen trees from houses and structures. We also own and operate a bucket truck for tree trimming and dangerous tree removal. Use of this type of equipment helps maximize the safety of our employees while minimizing any damage to your lawn and landscape that can be caused by tree removal. This type of equipment also allows us to be more responsive and efficient during immediate and emergency tree removal situations.

You can see them when building cell phone towers, buildings, bridges, etc. One thing you might not know is that not every size crane can go onto a residential driveway and not crush it. RYAN TREE SERVICE, INC. has purchased the correct size crane for residential use, which will not crush a driveway. We have a dedicated crew that works with the crane on a daily basis. By owning the crane, we can generally provide a tree removal service at the same price the other companies charge to remove the tree/trees without using a crane.