//Before the Cold Hits

Before the Cold Hits

The winter months are sneaking up on us and major big box stores such as K-Mart and Wal-Mart have already started advertising and displaying for Christmas.  So what do tree service and removal guys* do this time of year?  We perform lifts and reductions!  Sounds like plastic surgery? Well I guess plastic surgery for trees is one way to look at it.  However we realize the beauty AND safety that this affords homeowners.  The cold months can bring dead limbs down and pruning once it becomes cold can reduce the vigorous new growth that will bring beauty in the spring and summer months to come.

There are the three things to look for before the cold hits:

Dead Branches- Although these may be removed anytime of the year.  Most homeowners do not examine their trees and once the ice settles in so does the tree branch on your fence, car or home.  

Crown Reduction-If your tree is outgrowing its space a crown reduction can reduce the overall size up to 30% of the tree.

Crown Thinning-This is a healthy process for most trees.This allows the removal of competing, dead and rubbing branches.Allowing more direct sunlight into the tree therefore creating a healthier environment for the tree.

Crown Lift
– This should be done to clear walkways, fences or branches that are touching your home.

At Ryan Tree Service we offer free tree examinations.Call us at 770-458-0957 or visit our website at www.ryantreeservice.com and fill out a free estimate form.

* Due to the high risk of injury or death during tree service, pruning or removal make sure to ask for credentials before having any tree work performed.

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