//462 Reviews For Priceline Logistics Llc From West Palm Beach, Florida

462 Reviews For Priceline Logistics Llc From West Palm Beach, Florida

Freight forwarding logistics software will work with air, ocean, and ground shipments. These solutions give step-by-step guides on how to handle your cargo and freight forwarding operations on a daily basis.

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Let’s talk about how your product can solve the business needs of our visitors. Detzer Aircargo Service GmbH has distinguished itself at the Frankfurt Airport for over 15 years through customer-oriented support and a high level of technical expertise. We judge ourselves by what we are able to do, but other judges is uss express legit us by what we have done. Our principles is to satisfy our clients in respect of where they are and where they are coming from. Respect of our clients is a major priority and business relationship is our utmost desire. The market averages are generated from reviews on our review sites from the last 3 years.

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People will do whatever it takes to backstab you. If you’re experienced in sales and or logistics, do not work here! Do people working at Total Quality Logistics have the time and location flexibility they need? Indeed’s Work Happiness survey asked over 802 current and former employees. https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/uss-express.com Of the respondents, 24% said that they strongly agreed that they have the flexibility they need in terms of both time and location, and 13% said that they agreed. Management at TQL runs their own books of business and will actively pressure you to take some if not all of your business.

One of the guys was a rookie who broke one furniture which we had to abandon. The same rookie packed our bedroom belongings, a pricey mattress and bed frame. Ask Rakesh Ranjan about the services of Priceline Logistics LLC. Rakesh Ranjan is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. Please use this form to contact https://uss-express.com/ this customer for reference purposes only. Ask John Hilde about the services of Priceline Logistics LLC. John Hilde is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. Be aware Priceline logistics job is to facilitate a trapping contract which allows them to take advantage of people and not be accountable for it.

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US management team is best & supportive for indian employees. Company is really good as compared to top organization but Indian management behaviour is not good with employees & do continuous Favouritism. Since our founding, Priceline Logistics has been known for quality services, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism. No matter what service you’re looking for, we guarantee to not only meet, but exceed your expectations and ensure your full satisfaction. A hotel maid tried to correct a freezer compartment that was full of ice by turning the thermostat to coldest setting which ruined expensive medication and food.

  • They didn’t even know they weren’t ready to deliver it?
  • If you love sales and being a pushy person then the job is for you.
  • All our stuff were handled with care and wrapped really well.
  • A huge turn and burn scheme ran by “bros” with no room for advancement.
  • Great company, benefits not to great, but was great.
  • The inly thing good about this company is the pay….

Management steals your work and creates it into their own. Hardest part is trusting HR, Management, and your peers.

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